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We want to expand our soft serve gelato menu to include vegan and dairy free options, focus on community events and foster relationships with local businesses

Frisson Soft Serve Lifestyle March 12, 2017 at 11:22 am
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Project Description


Frisson Soft Serve


When the idea for Frisson Soft Serve first began to formulate in our minds, we always knew our focus was going to be on our community. We wanted to bring an experience to Nashville that is just as unique and incredible as the people that live here, and we knew that was a very lofty goal to attain! In order to do so, we needed something that set us apart. We decided to take the best part of ice cream…the cone, and combine it with the other best part of ice cream, the toppings! However, that was not enough.


As anyone in the food industry will tell you, quality is the key, so we set about trying to find the best-tasting mix out there. After much searching, we finally found it. A minimal ingredient, artisan gelato mix that could be made in fresh batches of any flavor we could dare to think of! We were ecstatic, but it still wasn’t enough.

Our dream at Frisson Soft Serve is to be built by the community for the community. We want to implement outreach programs, be able to partner up with local charities, support the Nashville Humane Society, go to community events and so much more. We also desire to expand our menu to include our customers with dairy allergies and those who are vegan. We can do this by collaborating with local bakers for vegan cones and purchasing another machine so we can sell vegan options and frozen yogurt.

Chocolate Abduction

We need your help to get Frisson Soft Serve where we know it can be! Attending local events, supporting charities and expanding our menu takes a lot of resources. Our ultimate goal is to be able to afford a new machine so we can focus on expanding our menu with 100% dairy free, vegan and frozen yogurt options. This expansion will allow us to reach a larger customer base and with the added revenue we can attend more events, do more charity work and support more local businesses.

Falling short of that goal, we will use the funds to connect with local charities (such as the humane society), attend more events, experiment new menu options for customers with allergies and vegan preferences and implement charitable activities (such as the “pay it forward” program) so our community can get involved.

Campfire Cone

Help us make Frisson Soft Serve the best it can be…your tastebuds will thank you for it later!

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