Feminist Pigs, a film by Jill Greenberg

In my short film seven women go full-on gangster vigilante on their male abusers.

Feminist Pigs, LLC. Art + Music February 7, 2017 at 8:20 pm
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Project Description

I’m going to be making a short film called Feminist Pigs, a comedy with a gang of vigilante women who roam the streets, hunting down the predators who hurt them. It will be hilarious eye candy aimed at making you both laugh and cry.

 I have wanted to make this film since right after I graduated from RISD in 1989- just after I finished my thesis project called “The Female Object” about the panoptical and internalized male gaze, and its toxic effect on women in culture. So, it’s almost 30 years later and sadly it is still relevant. I say sadly because women still have lots to want to rebel against–and what could possibly be funnier than a bunch of women going full-on gangster.

The women perform acts that in the real world we might morally question, but in the fantasy make believe digital/celluloid world, no one actually gets hurt! Considering the Equal Rights Amendment never passed, this gang is practically justified in correcting the bad guys! Aren’t you excited to see images of macho, “punk rock” women on the big screen who are completely in command, woman-spreading, who are NOT playing the victim, NOT being strangled or raped yet again on camera. Because those portrayals DO hurt people, and while male directors often frame this as harmless entertainment, such scenes are basically misogynistic hate-porn.

So while so many of us humans are frustrated by hearing of yet another case of an unbalanced power dynamic gone awry in the workplace or school, to the detriment of the woman, now you can do something about it! And by that I mean you can help fund this film so you can live vicariously through these women getting insane hilarious revenge on the fuckheads who assaulted them! 

In Feminist Pigs, three diverse characters capture the men who attacked them at work or school. The limitations of the short film format will effect how much story we get to explore in just 15 minutes.  

Imagine the female version of the characters from Reservoir Dogs and A Clockwork OrangeAnd all along the way, the characters stories and emotional depth will remain at the fore. The women are real, flawed, and vulnerable, we see they are clearly conflicted and ultimately at odds with their game plan to mortally harm their assailants. 

 You can, of course, give without a reward or give more than is displayed. I am truly thankful for any help and support donated. I am planning on substantially funding the production as well. Every cent will appear on screen, as better production values.

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