ELYS Legacy Management System

To comfort and heal the human spirit by providing an avenue to leave and receive a last message. Elys...say what needs to be said.

ELYS Apps December 21, 2016 at 9:31 pm
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Project Description

Elys is a legacy management platform that allows users to send secure messages into the future after death. The ability to have a message delivered to help who is left behind find comfort is priceless. There are not many certainties in this world but death is one we all have in common. We can never predict the when or how we die but we can choose to leave a legacy behind.

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With the recent tragedies in 2016, beginning with law enforcement killings, the Zika virus outbreak, over 10 earthquakes killing 850+ people worldwide, terrorists attacks at Pulse Nite Club in Florida, strikes at the Istanbul airport, a concert on Bastille Day in Nice, France and the latest at the Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, it is not enough to leave our loved ones with such horrific memories. We must act! We all care about who is left behind and how they will continue with our absence. Our focus now will be requiring us to be proactive by leaving a thought out message. Who is left behind must hold importance in death, thus these messages have the potential to ease and help heal.

I am optimistic when I say that receiving a message from a loved one based on love and compassion can mean a world of difference. What we say and who we say it to can have such a meaningful impact. Elys is the solution.

I am asking IFundwomen to help us raise enough money to develop an app for both IOS and Androids. This app would allow each and every person to leave a message for loved ones prior to their death. Photos, videos, and messages would be saved and secured until notification. Messages would be delivered to recipients on scheduled dates. A major component to the development of these apps would be the ability to leave an emergency message that would reach a loved one at any time. This message would be stored and saved for three days unless deleted by the sender. That message would be delivered upon the fourth day.

I am humbled by the opportunity to reach as many people as possible to help with this movement. With each and every tragedy that occurs my heart aches for those left behind. It is my hope that Elys will help ease their grief.

-Dr. Danitza Borges

About Dr. Danitza Borges, Founder of ELYS Legacy Management System

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My name is Dr. Danitza Borges and I am a woman who holds a double bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego, one year at Princeton Seminary with an emphasis in Theology, and a PhD. in Sexology from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality. My life has been an amazing adventure beginning with surviving incest for over ten years. I later became a Correctional Officer for the State of California while attending the university. My main assignment was working with sexual predators and psychologically challenged inmates. Ten years later I left the department to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. It is with these life experiences that I began to address death and how we leave this world and the affects it has on others. While running one evening I asked myself a very direct question, “If I died at this very moment did I say what I needed to say to the people I love?” My answer was no. Hence Elys was born.