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It’s our mission to enable everyone to easily find and do business with women in their communities.

Equallet Apps December 18, 2016 at 4:47 pm
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Project Description

Now, more than ever, people are seeking ways to support women.

Supporting women-owned businesses is one of the most impactful actions you can take, and should be one of the easiest.

Women-owned businesses are starting at a rate 1.5X that of men, reaching over 11 million in the US and counting.  Research indicates that 90% of females surveyed would prefer to buy products made by women, when given the option.  

The Problem

Choosing to support a woman-owned business is a no-brainer. Finding her is a different story.

Our Solution

It’s our mission to enable everyone to easily find and support women-owned businesses in their communities.  We aim to build the most comprehensive database of women-owned businesses that exists today.

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The Product

Equallet is a local search app that enables everyone to easily find women-owned businesses by category, keyword, ratings or reviews and immediately get relevant search results from any device. It is populated solely with women-owned businesses across all industries and searchable by any city.

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Our Vision

We believe that choosing to support women-owned businesses with our wallets will  accelerate our collective path to gender economic parity. 

As these businesses grow, they create jobs and advancement opportunities for women, that in turn elevate and generate more female leaders. With more women in decision making positions, we can and will move to eradicate unfair laws and practices faster.

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It’s never been so easy to get what you want and make a difference.


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Our Team

Stella Profile pic WAE croppedStella Sacdalan, Founder & CEO
Stella founded the first fashion incubator in the U.S. – 3rd in the world – to provide shared resources, education, access to funding and mentorships for its 300+ members, most of whom were female entrepreneurs. She then went on to grow a small beauty company to a multi-million dollar franchise as COO.  Oregon Business Magazine and Women’s Inc. named her as one of “Six Women Innovators to watch” and the Portland Business Journal recognized her work with the “Top 100 fastest growing companies in Oregon” award.

ryan bio picRyan McShera, VP of Product
Ryan has over 20 years of experience working in the online/digital space, focusing on content and commerce. Currently, Ryan is the Head of Multichannel Commerce for Tata Consultancy Services, advising leading retail clients on their commerce strategies.

sara jeter bio picSarah Jeter, Social Media Maven

Sarah has been working with Equallet since April of 2016, helping to run and refine social media strategies, write blogs, and assist with any and all website operation needs. She’s written over 300 websites in her career as a copywriter.

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