City Farm Company is a locally sourced farm fresh pop-up restaurant located in Nashville, TN on a mission to grow into our first location!

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Project Description

CITY FARM CO. LOGOcity bred  &  farm fed


What we got…..

 $20,000 Working Capital + $10,000 Investor

What we need…..



Our Story……

City Farm Company was established in 2016 as a pop up restaurant nestled inside of the Nashville Farmer’s Market and now we’re ready to move into our first location! As a scratch kitchen, we create and design our dishes to keep their integrity in flavor and source. By sourcing from local farms and artisans, we can commit to preparing only the freshest produce and meats for our customers.  After a few successful pop up visits to the Nashville Farmer’s Market we signed on to become temporary residents in their Grow Local Kitchen Program. The Grow Local Kitchen is an incubator kitchen for newly established pop up restaurants. Take a look:

Co-Owner and Chef Lakendra Christi, a Knoxville native and culinary arts graduate, pays homage to southern staples by taking ingredients and dishes you’re familiar with and elevating them.  Shavone Holt, co-owner and  Jackson, Tn native, took her 15 years of sales and marketing experience and the pair decided to open City Farm Company.  Our mission is dedicated to providing a complete dining experience to customers. We believe our customers deserve the best ingredients and by nurturing relationships with local farmers and artisans we can assure our mission.

FullSizeR (11) Pop Up at Nashville Farmers’ Market Grow Local Kitchen

FullSizeR (30)

IMG_0712 Chef Lakendra pictured with members of Leadership Nashville

FullSizeR (38)

2016 American Heart Association National Healthy Eating Day Participants

FullSizeR (39)

Chef Lakendra pictured with Lucy Bird Kitchen, local herb and spice artisan

FullSizeR (40)

The Kitchen…..

Our pop up kitchen maybe small but the food is made with love ♥  We’re committed to serving our customers the freshest produce and meats from local farmers and artisans. The Grow Local Kitchen at Nashville Farmers’ Market is roughly 560 sq ft. In this space we serve lunch and utilize it for our catering production. We create and design seasonal scratch dishes to keep their integrity in flavor and source. Our kitchen focuses only on ingredients that are in season. By getting creative, using what is available and cooking to order we can assure that our food is always fresh.  As we grow into our new location so will our menu and food options.  We will be adding some fresh grab-n-go items and selling our infamous Herban Mint Lemon Tea by the 1/2 gallon!

Hot Chicken Rolls

FullSizeR (2)

Summer Shrimp & Grits

FullSizeR (60)

Herban Beef Bowl

The Bakery…..

Oh yeah, we’re a hand-made scratch bakery too! We bake all of our own breads in house using local ingredients. In our new location we will expand our small batch bakery so our customers can purchase our breads, cornbread kits and sweets.

FullSizeR (9)

FullSizeR (8)

FullSizeR (10) Traditional Country Biscuits

IMG_0298 Biscuits & Herb White Country Gravy

FullSizeR (34) Biscuits & Sausage Herb Country Gravy

FullSizeR (63)    Fried Chicken Biscuit

FullSizeR (18)     Blue Cornmeal Cornbread




FullSizeR (1)

FullSizeR (5) Bison & Sirloin Chili w/ blue cornmeal cornbread

FullSizeR (20) Backyard w/ platform

FullSizeR (61)

FullSizeR (36)Existing kitchen

The Location….

This quaint little restaurant space located in the historical Marathon Village. Marathon Village was established as an early 1900s Tennessee automobile manufacturer called Marathon Motorworks located in north Nashville. In the mid 1980’s the Marathon Village was purchased by it’s current owner. Dedicated to preserving it’s history, he has since rejuvenated, restored and reserved the property keeping its original pre-1914 industrial look. Marathon Village is a place for creative small business to operate and grow.

It’s also one of the most recommended tourist destinations in Nashville with tenants such as Jack Daniels, Marathon Music Works, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, Corsair Brewstillery Taproom & Tasting Room and Antique Archaeology from History Channel’s popular show American Pickers to name a few.

Visit Marathon Village:

FullSizeR (49)

FullSizeR (48)

FullSizeR (47)

FullSizeR (44)

FullSizeR (43)

FullSizeR (42)

FullSizeR (46)

FullSizeR (7)

Add Marathon Village and City Farm Co. to your list of places to visit your next trip to Nashville!

The Math….

FullSizeR (62)

Back us up….

Now we are ready for our move! In order to complete our project and open no later than Summer ’17 we need you to help.  With your support we can buy more used and/or new appliances and equipment to reach our goal. Your support will help us with the following:

Kitchen Equipment and Design, Employee Training, Refrigeration, Stove Top/Vent Hood, Ovens, Prep Tables, Three Compartment Sink, Sandwich/Prep Station, Speed/Bread Rack, Cookware/Bakeware, Additional Cooking Tools, Mixing and Storage Supplies, Pot Rack, Glassware/Silverware/Dinnerware

*photos are for example purposes only

FullSizeR (51)

FullSizeR (50)

FullSizeR (54)

FullSizeR (56)

FullSizeR (52)

FullSizeR (53)

 FullSizeR (55)

Currently the kitchen is not outfitted to support a restaurant.  In order to make the kitchen functional for operation we will need to do the following improvements:

Install vent hood, move electrical outlets, move plumbing lines, add floor drains, flooring material, paint wall and ceiling surface, add back-splash, lighting, grease trap, labor and permits

FullSizeR (36)

Our Timeline….

Pic Joint (9)


From the Owners

FullSizeR (28)

Shavone Holt (left) and Chef Lakendra Christi Davis (right)

P.S. Visit us on Instagram & Facebook @cityfarmco and drop us a note in the comment section too ♥



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Farmers' Market Tote - Cotton Pocket Jute Tote Bag

Farmers’ Market Tote – Cotton Pocket Jute Tote Bag