Blue Girl in a Red State, a film by Susanne Goldstein

Blue Girl in a Red State is a listening tour and documentary film exploring Red States in a post-2016 election world.

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Project Description

Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page. The more time I spend working on the pre-production and fundraising for the film “Blue Girl in a Red State” the more convinced I become that we are really onto something. 2016 has been a remarkable year in so many ways. Many beautiful, graceful and joyful moments. And yet there seems to be more strife than ever before. As the dawn turns on 2017, I remain deeply committed to doing my part to help make the world a better place. And so it at this time that I ask for your support.

About the Project

Blue Girl in a Red State is a listening tour and documentary film that I am creating to explore Red States in a post-2016 election world. I decided to do this because, as the CEO of a Diversity and Inclusion company, I feel, like many of us, that I’ve not understood or paid enough attention to some of the issues that have created such a deep divide in our country. As soon after Inauguration as possible I plan on taking a small camera crew on the road to learn what white, working-class, rural Americans really want and what they want us all to learn. I know their stories will change me, and hopefully you too, and I look forward to creating a platform for their stories to be told.

How You Contribution Will Be Used

In this first round of funding we plan on going to two Red States and shooting for 10 days. Our intention to is listen and allow the story to come to life as we meet people in diners, on farms, and in everyday life. Then we’ll cut together a trailer for the film or a pilot for a series, depending on which format we feel will best serve the stories. From there, we’ll look to raise the next round of funding to visit more states, create a final cut product and market into distribution channels such as Netflix, HBO or film festivals. Here’s how your contribution will be utilized. And here are the Rewards we are offering for your participation.

You Give You Get We Can Afford Cost
$25,000 Executive Producer Credit Writer/Director/Producer – Susanne Goldstein  $0
$10,000 Associate Producer Credit Writer/Producer $16,000
$5,000 Special Thank You Credit Camera/Sound $14,000
$2,500 Blue Girl Crew Jacket Editing $20,000
$1,000 Blue Girl Crew Water Bottle Driver/Extra crew member $8,000
$500 2 VIP Passes to Screening Crew travel/accommodation $16,000
$250 Personalized Postcard from the Road Marketing/PR $15,000
$100 Blue Girl Tank/Tee Contingency $11,000
$50 No mention in social media TOTAL BUDGET $100,000
$25 Shout out on social media

Meet Our Crew

We want to get this right. So we’re pulling together a small, talented crew with experience in the film industry and the news room so that we can tell authentic, compelling stories about real people.

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Susanne Goldstein
Writer, Producer, Director
Laura Molta Grant-Hunter
Writer, Producer
Susanne started her career at the National Theatre of Great Britain before working her way up in the entertainment industry in both London and Hollywood. At the beginning of the Internet Age, she moved to Silicon Valley to start building technology companies. In 2013 she joined The Verna Myers Company, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm that works to create social justice in the workplace by dismantling the systems and structures that prevent equity. She is ecstatic that with “Blue Girl in a Red State” she is bringing all of her passions  — filmmaking, technology, product development and social justice together in one project. Laura Molta Grant-Hunter, is an award-winning TV and video writer/producer who has worked in the national media for more than two decades. As a Producer at CNN, she spearheaded “Showbiz Today,” and “Style with Elsa Klensch” and covered numerous election cycles and breaking news events. Her work can be seen in the PBS documentaries, “Crashing the Parties” and “Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies,” the Film Festival favorite, “Blood, Sweat and Cheers,” and the National Geographic series, “80’s the Decade that Made Us.” Laura is also the founder of Molta Media, a boutique video production company based in Boston.

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