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Help us prepare internationals relocating to America to adapt to everyday life in their new community!

Apto Global Apps March 19, 2017 at 1:40 pm
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Project Description

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Every year an average of 130M people re-locate to America, for work, study or to start a new chapter in life creating a $40B ELL market. Most have some formal education, but are not prepared for the informal cultural and language scenarios they’ll face daily. This is tough on families and tough on bottom lines.

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Apto is the first on-demand culture and language community, which simulates real-life scenarios in order to help internationals and their families successfully transition to regional life in the US. Think of it as an on-demand survival kit to prepare re-locating internationals for every day life in their new city and state, by interacting with authentic, regionalized, video-based simulations you won’t get in any status quo language lesson.

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We are the only online cultural-linguistic simulator or ex-pat “survival kit” with non-staged authentic video footage. Dominated by speaking interactivity and featuring a variety of regional dialects, international accents for listening comprehension. Users learn to speak with confidence by interacting with people in regionalized settings in every-day situations.

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We are raising $20,000 to enhance our online community to become the #1 trusted source for internationals to prepare for the real culture and language barriers they’ll face. We have affectionately termed this online community the “Happy Place;” a trusted community where members can learn from others already living in their new area.

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Traci Snowden CEO/Founder, Sales Strategist, & Chief Idea Officer
Traci is an experienced language educator, entrepreneur and software sales executive. Her own educational background includes significant time abroad adjusting to life in a foreign country – keenly aware of the difficulties learners face and uniquely positioned to make a difference.

Orlando Pisegna III COO/Co-Founder/Customer Navigation Director
Orlando is a successful and passionate professional with years of experience as an entrepreneur and a corporate employee. He understands the financial and cultural challenges companies and learners face and has put his combined experience to work at Apto to create a best-in-class solution.

Holly Howell Co-Founder/Marketing Support
20+ years’ experience in marketing and operations leadership – beginning with four years in Prague teaching ESL.

Kenya Stevens CFO Services
Kenya is a successful entrepreneur and corporate finance professional. She’s spent more than 10 years in Accounting and Finance and Service. With large multi-national corporations as clients she understands the importance of financial stability and credibility when partnered with a start-up.

Campbell Markham Creative Content Director
As Director of Content Development, Campbell coordinates the logistics of Apto content creation, content writing, and works with Marketing and Operations on campaigns and initiatives.

Nicolas “Nico” Ricard Business Development/Lead Gen
Being born and raised in Brazil by a French family allowed him to experience the best of both cultures. He moved to America during high school and knows first-hand what it’s like to tackle adjusting to American language and culture.


Apto, Adapt like a pro.