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We're a Virtual Assistant Agency ​providing local administrative & virtual assistance ​to entrepreneurs, busy individuals & small businesses

Always Assisting U! Business Services March 3, 2016 at 1:40 pm
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Project Description

     I am Daphne Anderson of Daphne Anderson, LLC and Always Assisting U! is the branch I’m showcasing for this campaign. Always Assisting U! is a Virtual Assistant Services Agency for small businesses.  My team and I provide local and virtual administration assistance to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and busy individuals. Being that we are virtual, we can provide assistance to numerous clients nationwide without our clients trying to find space for us in their home office that they do not have.


As we approach our 3rd year in April, we are embracing a strategic rebranding and are in need of website enhancements, growing of our team, equipment upgrade and assistance with our fundraising luncheon, Always Mothers Luncheon.




Our website enhancements will include a user-friendly, simple and clean design. The growth of our team will include hiring an assistant and graphic artist, upgrading equipment to provide webinar recording software and illustration and design software.

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This luncheon is about celebrating the worth of one another while providing explanation and expertise to those who may be in need of various services. It’s my way of giving back to the community. People have helped me along the way. We’ll have resources that many don’t know exist to help them along their journey. Many parents don’t have access to connections to support them and sometimes economic or social barriers cause them to feel embarrassed, ashamed or scared to ask the questions necessary to find the help they need. There are mothers raising nothing but sons and some fathers that are playing the dual role of both mom and dad. Men are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The assistance with our fundraising luncheon is to ensure that our love bags are filled with product samples and attendees receive the information from various resources that speak to our luncheon topic of Self-Worth and Self-Confidence. More information on the luncheon can be found at or


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