BYB Investment Progress Report

Three girls (2)

We can’t thank you enough for getting us to nearly 90% of goal for the Below Your Belt app!  With final funding within reach, we have an important question for you:

Why did you contribute to our Below Your Belt app project?

Please take a quick minute and send your answer to  Your short answer will help us reach other potential backers.  It could be because you’ve experienced pelvic issues, you believe in #FundingFemaleFounders, or even that you’re friends with Missy Lavender or Karen Cahn!  There’s no wrong answer!  We are in full research mode here and that includes learning about you.

Speaking of, our online surveys have captured 160 responses from mothers and daughters to date.  We’re learning where they get their health information and how they feel about discussing pelvic health with each other.  To share these surveys with your network, please click:

                            BYB girl survey questions                              Mom survey #1

Next steps include a second round of quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups.  We want a deeper understanding of how the Below Your Belt app can be structured to best help girls and their grown-ups with the #TalkB4theTalk.

Thank you again for all your support!  If you requested a “prize” with your contribution, not to worry!  Prizes will ship when the campaign closes.  In the meantime, please stay in touch!